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Moody Radio Distinctives

Moody Radio Distinctives 

Moody Radio promises to provide programming filled with solid biblical insight and creative expressions of faith that help you take the next step in your personal relationship with Christ.

Proclaiming the Word. 
Moody Radio is committed to mining valuable teaching from Scripture and delivering it to you. Sharing the truth of the Bible in ways that are relevant to your life, in ways that cause you to interact with it and be changed by it, is at the heart of what we do. We want your personal relationship with Christ to be enhanced and deepened by the encouragement and teaching you get from Moody Radio.

Taking the next step. 
At Moody Radio, we will always encourage you to take the next step in your journey with Christ. Whether it is the step where you begin a relationship with Him or simply the next step in a lifetime of growing and changing, we’ll be there to help, encourage and guide you on the way. Through consistent programming that focuses on real changes in real life, you’ll find that Moody Radio can be a means God will use to shape your heart, revealing opportunities for new growth and giving you practical help in taking the steps to experience that growth.

Being a trusted voice and friend. 
The world is a tough place to live. When times are difficult in your life, we’re there to encourage you. When our country or community is suffering, we’re there to process through the feelings and questions you have. We’ll be a consistent voice for truth and grace, hope and mercy, justice and faith. And what you hear will be from the Word…direct to your life.

Unpacking present-day issues from a biblical perspective. 
Culture is complicated. We have a passion for addressing the current issues of our society and applying God’s Word to them. We don’t shrink back from difficult topics or tough questions. Through the truth of Scripture, we find a way forward by making you think about things from a biblical perspective so you can live out the gospel of Christ each day and in each situation you face.

Partnership and relationship. 
We can’t do this on our own. It takes many people—staff, volunteers and partners—to make this ministry happen. Our partnerships with other organizations are strategic and without our financial and prayer partners, this ministry would never reach to the areas it does. We depend on each other. We care about each other. We need each other. We’re in this together. And it’s not just about us—you can be a part of it, too.

Creativity and innovation that connects with people. 
Our desire is to constantly find new ways to produce and deliver compelling content that’s relevant to you—content that connects with your heart. We have a history of breaking new ground in communication and we’re passionate about building on that history, taking it forward into the future.

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