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New Day Cafe - "Paradoxes of the Scriptures"

Air Date May 6, 2013 - End Date May 10, 2013


How can you gain your life by losing it, or receive by giving it all away? How can we say we are loving our neighbor if we are loviong ourselves and how can we reach victory through surrendering all? These are just a few of the many seemingly contradictory statements and commands we read in God's Word. This week on New Day Cafe we are going to break-down many of these "Paradoxes of the Scriptures." Guests include Pastor Rick Taylor of Sulphur Springs Freewill Baptist, Leadership Coach Karl Galik, and Bible Scholar Dr. John Koessler. Mother's Day will also be highlighted. Join us at the table!


Monday - May 6, 2013

6:40am - Breakpoint

7:03am - The Amen Corner

7:10am - Parenting Like a Pro

7:40am - Karl Galik - The Love Paradox pt. 1

8:45am - Joni Erickson Tada

Tuesday - May 7, 2013

6:40am - Breakpoint

7:10am - JimEtheridge_SEBC-Grad_Paradoxes of Scripture

7:35am - Empact for Life with Martin Houston

7:40am - Karl Galik - The Love Paradox pt. 2

8:45am - Joni Erickson Tada

Wednesday - May 8, 2013

6:40am - Breakpoint 

7:05am - Reasonable Answers with Dan Arsanault

7:40am - Pastor Rick Taylor - Lose Your Life to Find It

8:45am - Joni Erickson Tada

Thursday - May 9, 2013

6:40am - Breakpoint

6:45am - Julie Batura - Mother’s Day Pain

7:10am - John Koessler - Surprising Grace of Disappointment

7:40am - Clarke Skelton, ValleyGrande - Paradoxes of Scripture

8:45am - Joni Erickson Tada

Friday - May 10, 2013

6:40am - Breakpoint/Mothers Day Feature

7:10am - Stone Wall Jackson pt. 1

7:40am - Stone Wall Jackson pt. 2

8:10am - GrahamStandish - Paradoxes for Living

8:45am - Joni Erickson Tada