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New Day Cafe - "Roadblocks on the Path of Life"

Air Date June 3, 2013 - End Date June 7, 2013


Have you ever been movig along in your walk with the Lord only to meet an unforseen struggle that seems to block your path forward? Maybe an unexpected health issue arises, or you lose a job, or someone close to you betrays your trust. This week on New Day Cafe our focus is "Roadblocks on the Path of Life," and we are going to share how to handle life's roadblocks with the grace and strength of Jesus Christ and how to keep moving forward! Guests include author Kathy Howard about her book Fed Up with Flat Faith, Susie McCollum about how to handle physical and emotional trials, and DJ Brannon of The Angelic Soldiers. Join us at the table!


Monday - June 3, 2013

6:40am - Breakpoint

7:03am - The Amen Corner

7:10am - Parenting Like a Pro

7:40am - Kathy Howard - Fed Up with Flat Faith

8:40am - Joni and Friends

Tuesday - June 4, 2013

6:40am - Breakpoint

7:10am - Warnings Signs on the Road of Life

7:35am - Empact for Life with Martin Houston

7:40am - Kathy Howard - Fed Up with Flat Faith pt. 2

8:40am - Joni and Friends

Wednesday - June 5, 2013

6:40am - Breakpoint

7:10am - Reasonable Answers with Dan Arsanault

7:40am - Susie McCollum - Physical Health and your Emotions

8:40am - Joni and Friends

Thursday - June 6, 2013

6:40am - How to Know the Will of God

7-8am - Seat at the City Gate - The Christian's Role in Engaging Culture

8:40am - How to Know the Will of God pt. 2

Friday - June 7, 2013

6:40am - DJ Brannon - The Angelic Soldiers

7:10am - United for Life - pt 1

7:40am - United for Life - pt. 2

8:40am - DJ Brannon - The Angelic Soldiers