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New Day Cafe - "Freedom"

Air Date July 1, 2013 - End Date July 5, 2013


We celebrate FREEDOM this week at Moody Radio South! We celebrate the freedoms we enjoy in America and the sacrifice given by our fore-fathers to attain it and we celebrate the freedom we have in Christ Jesus. However, the enemy seeks to come and place us back in bondage, stealing the freedom the Christ gave His life for us to attain. We will be talking about how to walk in financial freedom, how to balance order and boundaries with freedoms in Christ, as well as share testimonies from figures and battles throughout America's histroy. Join us at the table!


Monday - July 1, 2013

6:40am - Breakpoint

7:03am - The Amen Corner

7:10am - Parenting Like a Pro

7:40am - Jimmy Duren - Financial Freedom

8:40am - Joni and Friends

Tuesday - July 2, 2013

6:40am - Breakpoint

7:10am - Matt Atkinson - 150th Anniversary of The Battle of Gettysburg

7:35am - Empact for Life with Martin Houston

7:40am - Jimmy Duren - Financial Freedom pt. 2

8:40am - Joni and Friends

Wednesday - July 3, 2013

6:40am - John Horvat - Returning to Order

7-8am - Seat at the City Gate - "Leadership"

8:40am - John Harvat - Return to Order

Thursday - July 4, 2013

6:40am - Ron Landry - Freedom Requires Boundaries

7:10am - Vance Cox - How to Retire a US Flag

7:40am - Matt Ifill - Writing the Declaration of Independence

8:40am - Rob Landry - Freedom Requires Boundaries

Friday - July 5, 2013

6:40am - Breakpoint

7:10am - Freedom From Finances

7:40am - Jack Williams - Distinctives of America's Declaration of Independence

8:40am - Joni and Friends